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Watch This Leftist MP Die Inside When She’s Asked If Only Women Have Cervixes

A video has gone viral of a left-wing British politician’s flabbergasted response to being asked if accurately describing female anatomy is “transphobic.”


It’s hard to be a progressive these days as the left struggles to draw a line between biology and bigotry.


Rachel Reeves, a Labour Party member of the U.K. Parliament, sputtered indignantly after LBC Radio host Nick Ferrari asked her whether she agreed with her party leader’s recent claim that it is “transphobic to say only women have a cervix.”

In not answering the question, Reeves said “this issue has become so divisive and toxic” and “I just find this debate incredibly unhelpful and unproductive” because “it pits [women and trans women] against each other.”

  • Pressed by Reeves for a “yes or no” answer, Reeves continued to demur: “Is it transphobic? Look … I just, I don’t even know how to start answering these questions. I just don’t find them, I just don’t find them helpful.”

Ultimately, Reeves said she “wouldn’t say” recognizing that only women have cervixes is hateful, but emphasized that people have a right to identify with either gender “whatever their body parts are.”


In an op-ed Monday, New York Times columnist Michelle Golberg laid out the divide on the left over whether it’s OK to describe reproduction in female terms, and came down gently on the side of “yes.”

“You can’t change the nature of reality through language alone,” Goldberg wrote. “Trying to do so can seem, to employ a horribly overused word, like a form of gaslighting.”

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