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Which Media Organization Americans Trust the Most Says a Lot About the Media

The Weather Channel is the most trusted national media organization in America, a new survey has found.


Trust in the U.S. press is cratering, so the finding isn’t as strange as it might seem.


According to an Economist/YouGov poll released Tuesday, Americans view The Weather Channel as more trustworthy than The New York Times, The Associated Press, the Washington Post and every other prominent news source included in the survey.

Fifty-two percent of Americans consider The Weather Channel trustworthy, with only 9% judging it untrustworthy, per the survey.

  • The second-most trusted media organization, the BBC, isn’t even American.
  • CNN is the most politically polarizing outlet in the poll: Just 11% of Republicans rate CNN as trustworthy compared to 66% of Democrats.
  • Fox News is the most trusted news source among Republicans, with 53% giving it their confidence.

In recent years, polling has consistently shown declining public trust in U.S. media, driven mostly by Republican disillusionment.


According to the U.S. government, a 10-day weather forecast is accurate about half the time.

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