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Elite grifters … Chile’s next socialist president … the new hotspot in America’s heartland … L.A.’s Black Lives Matter hypocrisy … Biden’s bowing to China …


  • Julius Krein demolishes the elites in a book review for City Journal, “Today, few if any of the 9.9 percent are willing to sacrifice something for an ideology, yet a great many hope to raise money on one. Climate change is an urgent crisis when it comes to clean-tech subsidies, for instance, but McKinsey and Goldman Sachs are not going to stop working with the Saudis or advising companies to offshore production to pollution havens. Republicans who insist their mission is saving Western civilization likewise will not lift a finger to move critical industries back from China if it might harm a hedge fund portfolio. Whereas at one time a political cause might be criticized for beginning as a movement and degenerating into a racket, now most just begin as rackets — or ‘grifts,’ in contemporary parlance.” READ HERE.
  • Nick Burns previews Chile’s first hard-left leader since Augusto Pinochet in Americas Quarterly: “A charismatic activist who got his start in the university is elected amid calls for wide-reaching social and cultural change. With the memory of recent military rule still fresh in the minds of citizens, he sets out to promote progressive reforms on gender and other issues, and to build a more substantial social safety net. These words describe Gabriel Boric, who will take office as Chile’s next president in March.” READ HERE.
  • Joel Kotkin and Cullum Clark explain in City Journal: “There’s an adage in Texas about a braggart being someone who’s ‘all hat and no cattle.’ But you can’t say that about ‘Big D,’ rapidly emerging as the de facto capital of the American Heartland. The DFW metroplex is now home to 24 Fortune 500 company headquarters, trailing only New York and Chicago; 40 years ago, the region had fewer than five. DFW’s economy has grown markedly faster than those of its three largest rivals (New York, Los Angeles and Chicago), and it has come through the Covid-19 pandemic with less employment loss than any other metro among the nation’s 12 largest.” READ HERE.
  • Cerise Castle reports in Vice: “Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s former chief of staff told colleagues she found a local Black Lives Matter chapter ‘annoying,’ disputed the meaning of ‘structural racism’ and disparaged a newly appointed civilian police commissioner who worked with the activists, according to private emails from 2016 and 2017 … In one message from October 2016, Ana Guerrero, Garcetti’s chief of staff at the time, was irritated over the praise the mayor was receiving after declaring LA a sanctuary city.” READ HERE.
  • Jim Geraghty piles on in National Review: “Month by month, the Biden administration is proving more and more reticent to confront the Chinese government in substantive and consequential ways. The investigation into the origins of COVID-19 is effectively dropped, and Biden didn’t mention China’s refusal to cooperate with the WHO’s separate investigation in his teleconference summit with Xi Jinping. Biden did not mention China, the Uyghurs, Hong Kong or the origins of COVID-19 in his address to the United Nations.” READ HERE.