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Peter Thiel speculates on Bitcoin’s secret origins … Biden’s man in Beijing … Mike Pence is making bank … Inside the Haitian terrorist group that is holding Americans hostage … Donald Trump confides that one of his sons wants out of politics … These are the stories that could change the landscape in the coming weeks.


Peter Thiel, the billionaire conservative insider and Trump ally, gave his theory in Miami on the origins of Bitcoin, saying he met the secretive founders by chance decades ago on the beaches of the Caribbean island of Anguilla … Thiel’s musings are especially relevant as governments mull crackdowns on crypto, though Republicans have generally been bullish on the alternative currency. READ HERE.

Nicholas Burns, formerly of the George W. Bush administration and now a power player with Team Biden, is the president’s pick for ambassador to China. Burns is regarded as hard-nosed, and is likely to attract rare bipartisan support as tensions between Washington and Beijing heat up over Taiwan and the origins of COVID-19. READ HERE.

Mike Pence is underrated, argues Tom LoBianco in Vanity Fair. In addition to recovering from near financial bankruptcy, Trump’s vice president is bouncing back from being politically bankrupted by Jan 6 … “In perhaps one of the most unlikely trollings of the former president, [Pence] also remains a top-tier candidate for the Republican nomination in 2024. In a Politico/Morning Consult poll released last week, Pence dominated among Republicans who don’t want Trump to run again, pulling in 26% support, compared to 20% who would pick Florida governor Ron DeSantis.” READ HERE.

Haiti has decidedly entered the danger zone, and the chaos in the Caribbean is ensnaring Americans, with a group of missionaries held hostage there, threatened with execution if a ransom isn’t paid. Catherine Porter and Natalie Kitroeff document how the country has essentially been annexed by terroristic gangs, echoing tensions in the greater Middle East, but a whole lot closer to American shores. READ HERE.

Donald Trump confides to conservative reporter David Drucker in a new book that he feels bad for hid son Eric Trump. In a moment of empathy, the former president told Drucker about the perils of fame and power, “[Eric] gets treated terribly, just terribly. … I think he would like to have a normal life.” READ HERE.