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Josh Hawley calls for a new era of trade nationalism … the rise of Rod Dreher … stagflation … the fight for Taiwan could come soon … the “New New American Right.”


Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., makes the case in The New York Times that the supply chain crisis was “a choice”: “I’ve previously called for the abolishment of the World Trade Organization to ensure that the United States can safeguard its economic sovereignty. … America is a strong nation. We should start acting like one.” READ HERE.

Rod Dreher, a social conservative writer at The American Conservative, is scathing in his critical analysis of the ascendant “Catholic integralists.” The New Yorker profiled Dreher in 2017, and it’s worth revisiting. READ HERE.

Stephen Moore, a former Trump Federal Reserve nominee and author of “Trumponomics,” says dreaded “stagflation” is nearing a comeback. “This week’s GDP report is a five alarm siren warning that the Biden debt binge has to stop now or our current and hopefully temporary stagflation doesn’t turn into runaway stagflation,” Moore writes at READ HERE.

Elbridge Colby, a rising star GOP foreign policy mind, warns in the Wall Street Journal that the near-term possibility of a firefight over Taiwan between the U.S. and China is underappreciated. “This is a very imprudent assumption that could lead to war and, ultimately, American defeat,” Colby says. “To avoid that disastrous outcome, the U.S. must recognize that China is a military threat — and conflict could come soon.” READ HERE.

Antonio Garcia Martinez, a former tech executive cum outlaw conservative writer, profiles the upcoming National Conservative Conference in Orlando in the first installment of his Substack series on “the New New American Right.” READ HERE.

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