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What We’re Reading to Prep for the Apocalypse This Week

Putin’s mistress … Money laundering in Latin America … Republicans for Bitcoin … Nikki Haley mounts a Trump-neutral comeback … Steve Bannon’s “shock troops” …


  • Russian President Vladimir Putin conceived a lovechild and stashed his mistress on the French Riviera: That’s one explosive revelation from the Pandora Papers, a stash of financial documents detailing the secret lives of billionaires and political plutocrats. Some see the CIA’s hand in the data dump:: Expect this type of information warfare to become a hallmark of 21st century competition on the world stage. READ here.
  • As President Joe Biden grapples with a burgeoning Latin American refugee crisis, the Pandora Papers’ also exposed how evidently corrupt and disinterested many governments and elites in the region are. “[S]ome 27 percent of Latin American wealth is stored in offshore accounts, economist Gabriel Zucman estimated. Even 2000s pop star Shakira is implicated. READ here.
  • Financial disclosures for U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters of Arizona, a protege of billionaire Trump supporter Peter Thiel, show he owns a lot of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. This could become a trend as Millennials like Masters seek to take Capitol Hill. READ here
  • Trump frenemy Nikki Haley, the neocon-friendly U.N. ambassador, is keeping her options open for 2024 — with or without the 45th president’s blessing. READ here.
  • Former top Trump strategist Steve Bannon, fresh off of Congressional subpoena, said on his popular “War Room” podcast this week that “shock troops” need be prepared for when the right takes back power in 2024. It’s a continuation of the argument he made in the White House, when he pontificated on the need to “deconstruct the administrative state.” READ here.

Have a safe weekend.

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