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Reaganism making a comeback?… The making of Reagan… Inside “French Tucker Carlson’s” run for president… Afghanistan on the brink of economic collapse… The United States should stick together…


  • Conservative New York Times columnist Ross Douthat makes the case that Reaganism could suddenly rise again: “For a long time, longer than I’ve held this job, my advice to Republican politicians and policymakers has been consistent: It isn’t the 1970s or 1980s anymore. …The year 2021, though, is the first time a reasonable Republican could listen to my pitch and answer, but what if history is repeating itself, and we’re back in Reagan’s world?” READ HERE.
  • Liberal essayist Roger Rosenblatt profiled Reagan’s original rise when he was elected president: “One reason that Balboa (Keats mistakenly wrote Cortes) might have stood “silent upon a peak in Darien” is that he realized there was no place else on earth to travel to. Or as a Walt Whitman character said in ‘Facing West from California’s Shores’: ‘Where is what I started for so long ago? And why is it yet unfound?’ Reagan does not ask that question, nor does he stand silent upon a peak in Pacific Palisades and brood about paradise lost. His California dream remains unsullied.” READ HERE.
  • Conservative historian Christopher Caldwell chronicles the rise of Eric Zemmour, who has been dubbed the “Tucker Carlson of France,” and his presidential run. “At home in Paris one evening during the COVID spring of 2020, the conservative columnist and television pundit Éric Zemmour got a cell phone call from the president of France. Emmanuel Macron, frequent butt of Zemmour’s on-air contempt, was calling to commiserate. … Barely a year later, Zemmour is hinting that he himself will run to replace Macron in next April’s presidential elections.” READ HERE.
  • Christopher Reuter in Kabul reports in Der Spiegel that the Taliban-run Afghanistan, abandoned by the Biden administration this year, is on the brink of economic collapse. “Even during the last 20, turbulent years in Afghanistan, there were always a few certainties that the country could rely on. One of those was the price of bread.” READ HERE.
  • Realist foreign policy expert Stephen Walt argues, with talk of secession on the rise in recent years, that the U.S. will never split up. “America’s unique advantage has been its status as the only great power in the Western Hemisphere—and thus, the only “regional hegemon” in modern political history. By expanding across North America, assimilating incoming immigrants, and maintaining high birth rates for many years, what were originally 13 weak and loosely connected colonies grew into the world’s largest economy in little over a century. With no powerful rivals nearby, the United States also enjoyed a level of ‘free security’ other great powers could only dream of. READ HERE.

Have a safe, American weekend.