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What We’re Reading

Christopher Rufo … Mohammed bin Salman … The Trump Hotel … Boring billionaires … Glenn Youngkin … These are the names and places you’re going to be reading about a lot more in the months ahead.


  • Chris Ruffo, the pioneer of the war against “critical race theory,” is profiled by Mary Harrington in UnHerd as “right-wing Leninist”: “I was sat next to him at dinner last night, and the whole room erupted when the news came in that [Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn] Youngkin had won Virginia. Everyone credited Rufo for it, and I think it’s probably true.” READ HERE.
  • Mohammad bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler, is profiled by the Washington Post’s David Ignatius, who notes that President Joe Biden has refused to meet with him, a stark reversal from the Trump years, when “MBS” was the man of the moment and went on tour with celebrities and billionaires in California: “The paradox of this feud is that it comes at a time when MBS seems to be succeeding in some of his efforts to modernize Saudi society. … But in MBS’s battle against his political enemies, it seems, it’s still the Dark Ages.” READ HERE.
  • The Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C., much-maligned by center-left media, is hailed by man-about-town Aram Bakshian as a force for good: “Everything changes once you get inside. … the unique hotel he created out of a decaying government building may prove to be the only one of Donald Trump’s ambitious undertakings that endures as a local monument to the man most Washingtonians still love to hate.” READ HERE.
  • The new space race between uber-rich executives Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, among others, is rooted in a dark secret of our age of insecurity, Janan Ganesh argues in the Financial Times. “A political aide, say, or a half-famous writer, he is the poorest person on the guest list. He is also the most in-demand,” Ganesh writes, as a rule of parties. “Those who succeed in business have one abiding fear: that they are boring.” READ HERE.
  • Glenn Youngkin, Virginia’s Republican governor-elect, is the man of the moment. The Wall Street Journal’s Michael C. Bender probes the relationship — and hints at a budding rivalry — between him and former President Donald Trump: “[Trump] viewed Mr. Youngkin as a pick from central casting: a 6-foot-7-inch former college basketball player with a boyish grin, side-swept brown hair and a photogenic family that includes his wife of 26 years, Suzanne, and four children, all young adults.” READ HERE.

Have a safe and fun Saturday.