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“The case against abortion”… Inside Bezos and Obama’s surprise $100 million union… Biden privately fears no deal with Iran, and possible war… Meet Biden’s Kissinger, Jake Sullivan… As Kamala Harris fades, her old rival Gavin Newsom mounts a political comeback…


  • Ross Douthat meditates in The New York Times on the possible end to nationwide abortion, that is, if Roe v. Wade is overturned: “At the core of our legal system, you will find a promise that human beings should be protected from lethal violence. That promise is made in different ways by the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence; it’s there in English common law, the Ten Commandments and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We dispute how the promise should be enforced, what penalties should be involved if it is broken and what crimes might deprive someone of the right to life. But the existence of the basic right, and a fundamental duty not to kill, is pretty close to bedrock.” READ HERE.
  • Theodore Schleifer exposes in Puck News the new nine-figure gift from Jeff Bezos to former President Barack Obama’s foundation. “The gift, the largest single donation ever made to the Foundation, has no restrictions on its use.” READ HERE.
  • Jonathan Swan dishes on President Joe Biden and his administration’s private resignations about the prospects for a new Iran deal, as Israel weighs military action: “Senior officials in the U.S. intelligence community have assessed the new Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisi, thinks of his predecessor, Hassan Rouhani, as a weak accommodationist who negotiated a bad deal with the U.S. and other world powers in 2015.” READ HERE.
  • Mark Leibovich dives in on Jake Sullivan in The New York Times– Sullivan has long been viewed as a wunderkind in Democratic circles, but his reputation’s been battered by the execution of the Afghanistan withdrawal. “Washington has long been captivated by fallen star narratives. This has made Mr. Sullivan a figure of fascination in recent months, something between sympathy and schadenfreude.” READ HERE.
  • Bil Whalen delivers more bad news for Kamala Harris in the Washington Post, profiling the political comeback of her old frenemy, Governor Gavin Newsom. “In a California known for its rivalries — Dodgers vs. Giants, Elon Musk vs. local bureaucracy — which homegrown Democratic political talent is the better long-term bet: Vice President Harris or Gov. Gavin Newsom?” READ HERE.