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America needs to repair its relationship with its oldest ally, says a former Trump consigliere… “San Fransicko”… North Korea dumps on “Squid Game”… ICYMI: Salesforce says it will blacklist Team Trump emails … A Tucker Carlson figure runs for president in France …



Robert C. O’Brien, a national security adviser to former President Donald Trump and possible 2024 presidential candidate, makes the case in 19FortyFive that the United States must work to mend ties with Paris after the Biden administration’s nuclear deal with the United Kingdom and Australia, AUKUS, grievously offended the French elite … “This is not the first instance of the Biden administration’s disinterest in informing allies and partners of major strategic decisions. American forces withdrew from Afghanistan’s Bagram Air Base without notifying the host country,” O’Brien and his senior aide Alexander Gray write. READ HERE.

Michael Shellenberger, a provocative Californian conservative writer, has published a new treatise, “San Fransicko,” taking down America’s liberal headquarters … the San Francisco Chronicle reviewed it, and gives him a fair shake. READ HERE.

Kim Jong Un knows how to deliver a bad review: The Wall Street Journal reports the North Korean government called out South Korea’s global hit TV show “Squid Game” … “It only ‘gained popularity because it exposes the reality of South Korean capitalist culture. … a world where only money matters — a hell-like horror,’ said the propagandists in Pyongyang … What’s that saying about broken clocks? READ HERE.

Breitbart News reporting from February is gaining renewed circulation on the online right as Virginia prepares to vote next month, Republicans prep for 2022 and Trump looks to run for president again … The mega-corporation Salesforce has apparently added all Trump emails to a blacklist. … But could Big Tech censorship steal the whole show? READ HERE.

President Tucker Carlson is a fantasy for many right-of-center Americans … In France, Carlson’s equivalent is really going for it … Is fire-breathing journalist Eric Zemmour the wave of the future? READ HERE.

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