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What Will Be Making Headlines in Three Months

Get a head start over your weekend, with longer reads on the storylines everyone will be talking about soon enough:

  • Would-be presidents Mike Pompeo and Chris Christie at FoxNews.Com got into the nitty-gritty of the big redistricting fight.Republicans last decade were disorganized and unprepared for Democrats’ sue-to-Blue campaign.” They say they’re prepared now. READ here.
  • Ronald Krebs and Robert Ralston explored in Foreign Affairs the rise of Republicans against the Pentagon. The authors took a critical lens to the phenomenon, but broke down in-depth a trend embraced by leading GOPers such as Tucker Carlson, Josh Hawley and others. READ here
  • Benjamin Wallace of New York Mag reported on the rise of Miami as a tech city, as disgruntled entrepreneurs are fleeing lefty San Francisco and Silicon Valley in droves, into the welcoming arms of the city’s ambitious, Latino Republican governor. READ here.
  • Lingling Wei sounded the alarm in the Wall Street Journal that China is returning to its communist roots, with profound implications as Beijing hosts the Olympics next year and tensions between Washington and Beijing have barely cooled after Trump’s time in the White House. READ here
  • Finally, Julia Manchester laid out in the Hill how Republicans are getting more hardcore about abortion. Pro-life conservatives have had a pep in their step in recent years as advances in science have given more pause about the controversial procedure.  READ here and here.

Have an excellent weekend.

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