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Experts say police dogs are a tool of oppression against people of color and other marginalized communities.


Law enforcement K-9 units may be a hit with the public, but amid growing anti-police sentiment, activists and researchers think a reckoning on police pooches is in order, Vice News reported.

  • According to Vice News’ Kevin Maimann, “their furry facade is unravelling as experts and civil rights activists call for an end to police dog deployment amid patterns of brutal, unnecessary attacks.”
  • Some groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, claim K-9 units are used disproportionately against disadvantaged populations.
  • “It’s such a metaphor for the way we whitewash policing. It’s as if we’re gaslighting ourselves. Why are we wilfully ignoring that we pay our police department to buy and train… dogs to attack humans?” law professor Christy Lopez told Vice News.


Police dogs are not the only canines who are purportedly in league with the oppressor — some journalists have argued walking your dog is an act of white supremacy.

  • Meanwhile, some commentators have wondered whether positive depictions of canine cops in children’s cartoons – such as the characters in “Paw Patrol” – are potentially problematic.

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