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A recent think tank conference dedicated to “dismantling family privilege” examined the ways in which traditional families uphold “our White supremacist society.”


Conservatives on Twitter over the weekend surfaced a description of the National Council on Family Relations webinar, titled “Toward Dismantling Family Privilege and White Supremacy in Family Science,” which took place in May.

“Family privilege is a structural mechanism ‘hidden’ within our White supremacist society that creates systemic barriers to equal opportunity and justice for all families,” per the description.

  • “In this webinar, attendees will examine, recognize, and learn how to dismantle the manifestations of family privilege in our social systems by using an intersectional framework developed by critical feminist and race scholars.”


Leftist journalists have repeatedly called for the “abolition of the family” and endorsed collective child rearing.

  • Last September, public outcry prompted Black Lives Matter to erase language from its website saying that one of the group’s goals is to “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement.”

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