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WHAT’S RACIST TODAY: Designer Sweatpants

High-end fashion house Balenciaga has been accused of appropriating black culture with a pricy pair of sweats.


The $1,190 “Trompe l’oeil track trousers” have built-in boxers that peek from the waist to imitate the “sagging” associated with urban style, and according to critics on social media, this makes them “very racist.”

In a video shared to Twitter and TikTok last week, comedian and screenwriter Kevin Fredericks claimed Balenciaga had “gentrified” sagging.

  • Following the controversy, Balenciaga’s sales “sagged” by 27%.


The sweatpants join a long list of culturally insensitive clothing items, such as Target’s hurtful Christmas sweaters and JC Penney’s purportedly sexist “Too Pretty For Homework” shirt.

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