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A Quick Breakdown of the Sad New Pornhub Data

Statistics released Tuesday by pornography website Pornhub shed light on the viewing habits of its consumers.


The data paints kind of a sad picture.


As part of Pornhub’s eighth annual “Year in Review,” the site’s statisticians laid out the most popular trends, terms and searches in 2021.


Porn consumption is trending in a more “inclusive” direction, Pornhub suggested in its analysis.

  • Searches for “trans” grew by 141% in 2021, and the transgender category is now the 10th most watched by male visitors to the site.
  • Meanwhile, the proportion of female visitors to Pornhub grew to 35% this year.

“Increasingly, marginalized sexuality (outside the vanilla world) is coming out of the shadows. We are talking about sex more, we are more free to explore our sexual fantasies with less judgment attached. Our sexual curiosity is coming out of the closet,” said Laurie Betito, a sex therapist and director of the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center.

  • “Bicuriousity is far more acceptable these days, and even ‘trendy’ among the younger generations,” she added. “When it comes to Trans individuals, we are now seeing more and more people who are portrayed in mainstream media, thus making trans porn more intriguing, more available and more accepted.”


As porn has gone increasingly mainstream, a resurgent anti-pornography movement has built on the right.

  • “You can’t be a conservative and support Pornhub. It’s that simple,” Jon Schweppe, director of policy and government affairs at the American Principles Project told The American Conservative last year. “Few companies have done more to undermine the American family.”
  • In addition, some conservatives have blamed porn for the sense of alienation felt by many, especially men, in contemporary society.
  • “At a time when our culture desperately needs bold and compassionate models of Christian masculinity, the prospect that an entire generation’s potential should be wasted on an addiction to stimulation is deeply sad,” Samuel James wrote in First Things in 2016.

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