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Why 4 Hardcore Trump Supporters Just Turned On Him

Several of former President Donald Trump’s diehard allies in the media have harshly criticized him for what they see as his failings of the populist right.


Trump isn’t afraid to defy political taboos when he thinks the people are with him.


The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens confronted Trump during a sit-down last week about his recent advocacy of COVID-19 vaccines and his failure to pardon WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.

  • Longtime murmurs of discontent over Trump’s position on the issues subsequently got full-throated expression.

1. Candace Owens: After clips from the “Candace” interview went viral, Owens on Twitter Thursday downplayed her disagreement with Trump about the inoculations but stood by her opposition to the vaccine.

Owens also suggested in an Instasgram video Friday that Trump’s support for vaccines was explained by him being old and not tech savvy enough to do “independent research” online.

2. Ben Garrison: In his latest work, published Friday, the pro-Trump editorial cartoonist depicted the former president riding the “Big Pharma Vaccine Bandwagon” while being booed by the red-hat crowd.


3. Alex Jones: The InfoWars founder blasted Trump’s pro-vaccine remarks to Owens in “an emergency Christmas Day warning.”

“You are either completely ignorant about the so called ‘vaccine’ gene therapy that you helped ram through with Operation Warp Speed, or you are one of the most evil men who has ever lived,” Jones, a staunch but not unquestioning Trump ally, said on his show Saturday.

  • “Your legacy will be that of a monster. Your legacy will be that of a eugenicist. Your legacy will be that of a child killer,” Jones told Trump. “Do not go down as Josef Mengele 2.0.”

4. Mike Cernovich: The veteran of the online right declared on Twitter Friday that Trump’s defense of not pardoning Assange and Snowden marked the end of his political career.

Cernovich, a disillusioned early Trump supporter, didn’t disagree with the former president on vaccines but said he could never again claim the mantle of a “warrior who fights.”


Since early in his presidency, Trump has faced accusations of betraying his populist base, whether on immigration, LGBT rights or racial justice.

But it has never been clear that Trump’s norm-defying politics is about right-wing ideology as much as it is about tapping into unaddressed sentiments that are broadly shared on the right.

When it comes to both the vaccines and the pardons, then, Trump may simply be targeting a larger audience than most MAGA influencers.