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QUOTE OF THE DAY: M&M’s Are ‘Woke’ Now

The M&M’s mascots are getting a makeover to make them more gender-neutral, feminist and all-around “inclusive,” Mars, Incorporated said Friday.


“M&M’S®, part of the Mars, Incorporated portfolio of brands, has announced a global commitment to creating a world where everyone feels they belong and society is inclusive,” per the press release — that is, to a “more dynamic, progressive world.”

Mars — one of America’s largest private companies, with $40 billion in sales in 2020 — has been widely ridiculed for the announced changes to its cartoon spokes-candies.

  • The two female M&M’s — Ms. Green and Ms. Brown — will lose the “Ms.” as part of their mission to de-emphasize gender.”
  • Green, whom some had deemed overly sexual, will start wearing sneakers instead of high-heeled boots to “reflect confidence and empowerment, as a strong female,” Mars said.
  • Brown will similarly see her stilettos “lowered to a professional heel height.”
  • Meanwhile, according to Mars, the orange candy, “one of the most relatable characters with Gen-Z,” will “embrace his true self, worries and all,” now that he can “acknowledge his anxiety.”

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