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6 Poll Numbers That Show How Screwed Biden Is

President Joe Biden has been dragging his party to new depths in the polls.


Republicans smell blood.


Forty-three percent: Biden’s average approval rating as of Sunday, a new low for his presidency (source: FiveThirtyEight).

Eleven points: The decline in Biden’s average approval rating between the first and third quarters of his inaugural year, a record for any president (source: Gallup).

Thirty-seven percent: How many Americans say the Biden administration is focusing on the issues they care a lot about, like inflation, the southern border and the economy (source: CBS News/YouGov).

Sixty-two percent: The proportion of registered voters who say Biden’s policies are somewhat or very responsible for increasing inflation (source: Morning Consult/Politico).

Two points: Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s dwindling average polling advantage over Republican Glenn Youngkin in Virginia’s gubernatorial race, a bellwether of the GOP’s growing relative strength nationwide. (source: FiveThirtyEight).

Seventeen points: Trump’s lead among independents if he ran against Biden today, versus the Demcorat’s 13-point advantage in 2020. (source: Selzer & Company)

Press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday reiterated the White House line that Biden’s growing unpopularity is because “people are tired of fighting a pandemic.”


“Saturday Night Live” mocked Biden over the weekend for his low energy and plummeting poll numbers.

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